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Leaders and Revolutionaries


Purposeful Risk Takers

It takes courage to achieve great things. We work with our clients to help navigate major challenges and big opportunities. We’re here to help you realize your potential and mitigate risks – deliberately and with courage. Our focus on outcomes over outputs delivers outlandishly creative solutions for measurable results. We work with two types of client:


For more than 20 years, With Intent has helped shape strategies for some of the world’s biggest brands. We understand the unique challenges that leaders face and we know how to leverage their strengths.

We help the brands that define categories to stay nimble and innovate by leveraging their core assets and values.

Being big doesn’t mean you have to be slow.


Real innovation takes real courage. We help innovators to harness that drive by creating strategic solutions that are focused and effective.

With Intent supports companies and organizations with ambition to build movements, shift markets and create real change.

Our clients have both the vision and the means to disrupt markets and create new opportunities.


Some brands we’ve helped