What we do

We empower purposeful risk-takers to help them achieve their biggest goals. If you’re ready to forget the status quo and question assumptions – we’re ready to help you redefine the future.


What We Do

We start our work with new clients by helping them to re-imagine what success looks like. This helps us ensure that the work we do together achieves something extraordinary. Clients are challenged to step out of their comfort zone, but end up walking away with custom strategies that redefine success.

Our process consists of four phases: Investigation, Mission, Strategy, and Execution. Each phase has been designed around specific outcomes that will lead us into the next phase or allow you to walk away and implement strategy on your own.

If you’re interested in learning more about us and our process, take the first step and schedule a meeting.

With Intent has supported dozens of brands across Canada and the U.S. for 20 years. From the creation of an idea to the execution of a campaign we provide close support, attention to detail and responsive client contact. Our one focus has always been your success.

Who We Do it For

We work with courageous clients, purposeful risk-takers to help them achieve their biggest goals. Forget what’s worked and question your assumptions.

With Intent is ready to push past the status- quo to create things that fill people with excitement and life.

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