Case Study

Getting a new premium
product to market FAST

Focused efforts deliver rapid results


Our client was launching a new product line and wanted to rapidly drive sales to build market share in a new segment. They needed to convert customers to an innovative product with a slightly higher price point than competitors.

There was not a lot of time to stake a claim in the marketplace and the product was not known to consumers. We needed to move quickly to establish a beachhead and wanted to take the opportunity to get feedback from customers at the same time.


We designed a national, in-store consumer engagement program that ran for three months and was executed in both retail stores and at consumer shows. The strategy was to both directly engage consumers as well as to support the relationship between the brand and their retailer partners. We trained, deployed and managed teams that delivered key messaging, engaging with consumers and store staff.

We focused on direct engagement to motivate at point of sale and get rapid feedback from consumers.


  • Recruit new consumers, drive sales
  • Collect market insights quickly
  • Support and strengthen the relationship with retailers


The program established the new product as top of the line with both consumers and retail staff while also driving a 40% sales lift across the brand.